Friday, December 21, 2012

The Big Snow Before the Party

This is how we get exercise in the U.P.  True we could use shovels and burn more calories, but we do have other things to do too.  This is Andrew in the foreground and Jonathan in the background this morning as they had just gotten started.

Jonathan again...this was their third time at snow removal today. 
 The wind kept those drifts coming and really blocked the driveway.

We have significant progress now.  They got things cleared nicely before our guests arrived this evening.  Here are some pictures of the FOOD!  The guys were quite happy to help us polish it off!

First, the fruit tower...we added the dip in the "pineapple bowl" just before our guests arrived.

Then, the veggie tower...we had two different kinds of dip in the "green pepper bowls."
No one went home hungry!

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