Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Laker Christmas

 Yesterday, nearly our entire family was involved in a community-wide concert featuring musicians from the surrounding area and even some from Canada.

                                                  This was the afternoon rehearsal.  Then...

Kristin and Jonathan on cello

                                                                Matthew on bass

Emily and our friend Martha on flute

Helena was playing violin--she's resting in this picture.

Jonathan played horn for one piece.

That's Andrew back there with his tuba, and Kristin again on cello.  She was easy to get in the pictures since she was right out in front.

The end of the concert.  This was such a wonderful event.  We got to play in a beautiful auditorium with a great stage.  Top it off with a wonderful community response--a conservative estimate had over 500 in the audience.  Unfortunately,  Bob couldn't get pictures of Christopher or Benjamin,  but we all had a wonderful night!

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