Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Perfect Holiday Cake

This is such a fun, and easy cake to make!!!  You can make it with any cake and frosting recipe, but due to our dietary restrictions, ours was gluten and dairy free.  To decorate, we used Edward & Sons Let's Do...® Gluten Free Ice Cream Cones for the "trees" and frosted the leaves using a star frosting tip.  The "path" was made using crushed TRUJOY™ sweets Organic Candy Canes with frosting "edges".  We used INDIA TREE® Natural Decorating colors (blue and yellow) to color the frosting and INDIA TREE® Frost White Decorating Sugar to make the "snow" on top.  The "snowmen" were created using extra thick (so thick you could never spread it) frosting that we rolled into balls and stacked.  Toothpick halves made the arms, dots of frosting made the faces and buttons, and the hats were piped on using a large round frosting tip.  We always use disposable decorating bags which makes clean up easier, and they are even recyclable!

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