Monday, June 18, 2018

Spring Recital 2018

I've seen some students not be nervous before a recital, but James was so relaxed for this one that it just made me laugh.  Of course, the comfy chairs probably helped :)

Helena and Benjamin show just a bit more tension, and a lot more concentration.

After all the students had played their pieces, it was time to present the trophies!
Each year, several of the students in the ladies' studio participate in MMTA achievement testing.
This is a rather rigorous program that tests students on their aural awareness skills, technique, music theory, and performance.  Any student receiving high enough scores two years in a row receives a trophy!

This year Helena earned two trophies!
She got one for flute and one for piano :)
What a great accomplishment!

Monday, June 11, 2018

A Yummy Dessert and the Family Pet

After watching a cooking show on the FOOD network, Benjamin was determined to try making a rolled cake.  Kristin was gracious enough to help him with this endeavor and we were happy to help him eat it when it was done :)

I think the consensus was "never again", but it was quite tasty.

This lovely critter started hanging around our backyard patio for so long that we named him.  Well everyone, meet "William the Fearless".  We tried everything to convince William that our backyard was not his hangout spot, but he was not startled by anything until he heard one of us cough.  Apparently in the life of a skunk, a cough is much to be feared.  William stayed with us for several weeks until the lure of the open road was too much for him.  Alas, William's mother never taught him to look both ways before crossing........

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Matthew is 21!

Matthew turned 21 on his birthday so Kristin made hime a special cake.  This year she decorated with the closest she could get to an anchor since he has enlisted in the Navy.  We get to have him with us for a couple more weeks and then won't get to see him again till after his graduation from boot camp.

I think Kristin was imagining all the candle wax we were going to be eating due to Matthew's technique.

This is pretty normal when someone is opening gifts on their birthday at our house--we all crowd around to get closer to the action :)


This is probably one of the best pictures I have had taken with Matthew.  Please ignore the glare on my glasses, and the frizzy hair :/

Friday, June 8, 2018

Humorous Pics

There are just so many things about these pictures that I found amusing that I decided to post all three.  First of all, why would Chrysler design a car that causes you to have to start disassembling the entire front of the car in order to change a light bulb?

Secondly, it's great that James was on hand to help hand tools to Jonathan, but did he really need a helmet for that job?

Finally, only in the U.P. can you routinely be outside in short sleeves with snow on the ground and be comfortably warm :)

Monday, June 4, 2018

Some Assembly Required

James always comes running when Dad has a project to do.  This time it was some furniture which gave new meaning to the phrase "some assembly required".  

This time James got to learn how to glue dowels...
...and then put the pieces together.

Brave Daddy!

Almost done!  This was the last step for the first one with the
exception of adding the cushion.  The only bad part was--there
were three more :(

February and March Birthdays

This was one of those birthdays that I would really like to forget.  I had been sick for several days and was just beginning to feel better...just a little better. 

My sweet kiddos still wanted to celebrate so they made me a delicious lemon cheesecake with lemon curd.  It really was wonderful!

For Bob's birthday, Kristin made him a chocolate cheesecake with Cocowhip frosting and garnished with chocolate shavings and chopped walnuts.  She even made him his own personal mini version for the candles.

Thanks for all the birthday yummies!

Friday, May 25, 2018

In February....

Helena and James are best buddies and coordinated very well for a Valentines Day recital.  It was actually a winter recital, but close enough to dress in red :)

The residents at the assisted living center always enjoy hearing the recitals.  It breaks up the normal routine for them.

Big shocker here....we got a lot more snow.  This was a particularly beautiful, snowy morning.  It was super cold hence the misty appearance.

February also brought friends in search of snow.  We were happy to oblige :)

James was thrilled to be able to join in on a little music for the first time.  Things like that are huge when you're 10!