Friday, September 22, 2017

More Spring Happenings

We finally got back to the gardening project and added some roses and two apricot trees.  I filled in the empty spots with some annuals and hoped it would all spread out nicely.

In the end, the annuals ended up filling up the whole bed.  Who new sweet potato vine liked cool, wet weather so much?

We took advantage of an obliging warm spring day to snap 
a picture of our ladies after church.  It's hard to find them all
in one place at the same time.

Then, we found this poor abandoned and soggy creature cowering in the tall grass at the edge of the neighboring field.  It is a baby woodchuck and it's mother was apparently having a "bad mommy" day.  She took off and left her baby to fend off the strangers, (us),  by itself.

All dry and looking much better now, the baby woodchuck's
mother was again "looking out for #1" and left this cute
little guy in the middle of our field.  We were able to get quite
close to get a picture.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Cool Traveling Pics and Beauty at Home

Ah,  tunnels, of these I am not a fan.  The best part of them for me is the light at the end of them....definitely not the looming hole in front of me as we hurtle toward them.

It was a beautiful trip through the mountains, 
but not having to go through tunnels would have made it even better :)

When we got home, we were greeted to the most beautiful sunset.  U.P. Beauty

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Nebraska Visitors

We also had a visit from a couple of the Nebraska relatives this summer.  One thing we can always count on when Uncle Bob arrives is that there will be golf :)

Once we finish chatting, there is a mass exodus to the backyard and everyone lines up to have their swings critiqued.

After a while critiques take place from the comfort of a chair.  Even though he is Grandma's junior by ten years, that still puts him at almost eighty--a very active eighty.

Uncle Bob, Bob, and the ubiquitous photo wouldn't be a blogpost without him;)

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Recital, A Visit, and A Birthday

        The beginning of the summer seems so far away now, but we really did have the chance to do some fun things.  The ladies' music studio performed their spring recital at a local assisted living facility and it was really enjoyed by the residents.  James always appears to be concentrating so hard when he plays his cello.

The flute trio is always a big hit.  The girls take turns picking the piece for the next recital.

One of the best things about this recital, was that Nonnie and Papa got to be here to enjoy it too.  They also got to be here long enough to celebrate Benjamin's birthday with us and were here when the Iowa cousins came to visit.

Benjamin's birthday came complete with plenty of pizza, plenty of party guests, and a luscious cake courtesy of  big sis.

The perfect caption here would be:
"Oh no! Mom has the camera again!"


Friday, August 4, 2017

So Our Refrigerator Broke and...

...we lost all of our meat and dairy, but the blessing was that there was relatively little at the time.  So I thought..."It would be so nice to finally have a freezer in the kitchen again like most other people and while we're at it why don't we buy one that makes ice since the hook-up is already there."  This sounded like such a great idea, but nothing ever seems to go smoothly in our house so the nightmare began:

New refrigerator arrives and I think--"Great, now we just need to pull the plumbing connection back up into the kitchen, connect it to the fitting on the refrigerator, and turn on the water." Hahahahaha.....

Reality:  Plumbing connection has become so brittle that it immediately breaks so the big easy turns into a big plumbing project.

James was happy to help.  He got to help feed a new
 copper supply line down into the basement.
Once that was connected I thought--"Great, now we're in business."  Hahahahaha
Reality:  When turning on the water, the valve immediately broke due
to having become very brittle and corroded.  So...

James got to help Daddy with soldering on a new valve.
He was very excited about this since it involved using the torch.
I, of course, was concerned we were going to burn the house down.

Thank goodness for fire blankets!
The good news is we now have a functioning refrigerator with a 
freezer that makes ice, and I am so thankful!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Beginnings of a Landscaping project

This spring we decided that we would finally take care of some
landscaping that really needed attention.
Some of the shrubs have not appreciated the harsh
winters and were not doing very well.  Okay, I guess
they were mostly dead, so Kristin started digging them
out when she had a spare moment.

The area looked so much better when the two happy lilacs were left by themselves in the back.
We decided to leave the tulips alone until they had a chance to bloom this year.  Many of them wouldn't bloom anymore because they needed to be "lifted".  We will replant them in another location this fall.

Time to burn the dead bushes.  It's amazing how much
help arrives when it's time to burn something.  I guess I
should be glad that they are learning to do it safely at an 
early age.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Wood Projects

Since Dad likes woodworking, the guys all get to learn woodworking whether they want to or not:)

Sometimes they even come up with a personally designed project to make like Matthew did with the jewelry box he made.

Helena and James got pretty enthusiastic about Matthew's 
project when they discovered that glitter was involved--
Helena because it seemed a lot like crafting, and James
because he knows Mom doesn't like glitter but can't figure out why.

Pocket holes make the project go together so much easier.  It's also much more fun when you get to use Dad's power tools!

Hopefully Benjamin will be done with the final assembly
soon and then he can get it all painted.