Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Latest Repair

Sometimes I think I should rename our family blog.  Perhaps
a better name would be "Beckman Breaks and Repairs" or even
"The Beckman Fix-it Blog." 

This time it was the water heater that needed attention.  
Nine people with only a barely functioning water heater is not
at all fun.  Can you say cold shower?


Christopher got to start by draining the heater.
We are blessed to have a drain close by.

It's easy to see which one is the bad one :)

Putting in the new heating element isn't a difficult job.

James got to watch big brother get it all buttoned
back up.  Hot water in thirty minutes.  Yippy!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Driveway Mishap

It can happen to the best of us...especially when you are learning to drive during a U.P. winter.  A bit too much speed turning into that driveway = stuck in the snow.

Within minutes, we had help to get pushed out :) It kind of helps you feel a little bit better about people in general when these things happen.

Practice Deja Vu

With an upcoming performance,  our music room was again
being utilized for some intense practice by our ladies.

I remember it all so fondly and thoroughly enjoyed hearing them
play together again.  It's not often that their jobs allow it.
I was indeed blessed by being able to hear it again :)

Early U.P. Morning

It's so beautiful and peaceful as the sun rises on the snow.
Just loving the winter U.P. mornings.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Christmas Family Pic

You wouldn't believe how long it took us to get this picture taken.
Apparently we have a few too many comedian wannabes in our family.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The Christmas Dilemma

So, we had kind of a major dilemma this year with our Christmas services and family celebrations.  The difficulty was in trying to figure out how to coordinate everyone's schedules so that we could all be together if only briefly, and also keeping Grandma's worsening dementia in mind. 

As always, our professional photo-bomber was on hand.

The together part was handled pretty easily and we ended up being able to worship and provide the music for the Christmas Eve Eve service, and also the Christmas Day service. 

We decided to open most of the gifts after the Christmas Eve Eve service so as to keep Grandma from being excessively stimulated.

Benjamin looks thrilled with what he called his "transition year" present.

It was great to catch Christopher in this incredibly handsome candid pose :)

On Christmas Day we opened the gifts from Grandma after church.  It was nice for her to get to see everyone open their presents. (At least that was our thought.)

Benjamin enjoys yet another "transition year" present.

Even when everyone only has one gift to open, we still seem to make quite a mess.

Jonathan got to enjoy Matthew being Matthew.
Enough said.
We made Grandma a memory photo album for Christmas this year.  It has pictures of all her close family members with their names and ages to help her remember as long as possible.  I guess we should have known she wasn't coping too well with all the noise and excitement when she kept asking me if the gift she was opening was candy.  Obviously candy is her very favorite thing right now, but she did/does enjoy the photo book too.

We're not sure how to do things differently next year since she did end up getting quite upset.  I guess it's just more trial and a lot of error--the story of my life :/

In the end, the important thing was to remember that our focus was our Savior's birth, and everything about that was perfect.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Christmas Performance Prep

Christmas time brought some fun rehearsals at our house.  It's so difficult to get everyone together at once now, but we still managed it for the Christmas Eve and Day services this year.

Helena got to take over the flute part of the service music this year so Emily could sing--that was fun to hear :)

One last rehearsal before church...we managed to stuff everyone in the same room even with the tree in there.  It was an awkward arrangement, but no one got poked in the eye with a bow and nothing got broken.  I did get a little teary though.  This just doesn't happen much any more and there wasn't even any bickering.